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This web site is designed for the "Independent Traveller" and provides all the information you need to make your own holiday in Paxos. You may wish however, to leave arrangements to the Paxos Travel Agents listed above.
ITAs Car Hire, Giaos, Paxos

ITA'S Car Hire (Gaios)

(Last updated: 30th March 2015)

Pick up your car at the Port of Gaios on your arrival and leave it at the Port on your return, or have it delivered to your holiday accommodation.

Ita's Car Hire staff are there on your arrival and departure and available throughout your stay on Paxos to give you any help you require.

Group A2 Door hatchback (900cc)Hyundai Atos or Kia Piccanto + Air Conditioning
Group B4 Door hatchback (1000cc)Hyundai Atos or Kia Piccanto + Air Conditioning
Group B14 Door Hatchback (1100cc)Hyundai Atos Prime + Air Conditioning
Group C4 Door Hatchback (120 cc)Hyundai Atos Prime LX or Hyundai Accent or Hyundai GETZ all with Air Conditioning
Group D2 Wheel DriveOpen top
Group E4 Wheel DriveSuzuki - Soft top (removable)
Mini Bus (12 seater)Optional driver hire for day/evening or Island tours
CoachFor larger parties


* Hire periods of Day(s)/Week(s)/Month(s)/Year
* Hire prices include Fully Comprehensive Insurance
* Paxos petrol prices per litre unleaded cira 0.90 euro
* Average fuel consumption from one tank of petrol lasts approx 2 weeks
* Paxos is approx 10 miles long and 3 miles wide
Mobile:+30 697 340 1658
Fax:+30 266 203 2460
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