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This web site is designed for the "Independent Traveller" and provides all the information you need to make your own holiday in Paxos. You may wish however, to leave arrangements to the Paxos Travel Agents listed above.

Paxos Weather

Seasonal Trends & Weather Forecast

The changes between the seasons are gradual and the temperatures in the winter months during the day rarely fall below 12 degrees Centigrade or 54 degrees Fahrenheit.

Spring Season

March, April and May are ideal for Walking and Painting Holidays as the temperatures are comfortable and the island is in bloom with wild flowers. The island starts to come to life after the winter with the locals preparing themselves for the coming visitors.

Summer Season

June to September Paxos enjoys long hot summer days, warm winds, blue skies and warm crystal clear seas in which to swim. The evenings hold the warmth of the day which makes eating out at the tavernas and restaurants a delightful experience.

Autumn Season

October and November the weather becomes changeable, sunny days interspersed with showers. The island starts to slow down and the locals prepare for winter. The temperature is still in the mid-twenties and the sea still warm. Again ideal for sight-seeing and walking holidays.

Winter Season

November through to early March the rain comes and is captured and fed into large tanks called "sternas", most houses have one. Paxos has no water source of its own, water is precious and must always be used sparingly. After March the rain is sparse and the water in the sternas must last through the next 6-7 months.

Current Weather Forecast

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