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Paxos Museum

According to the legend, Paxos rose from the Ionian Sea at the command of Poseidon to provide a meeting place for himself and Amfitrite. Its creation out of love and for love, must be the reason why visitors throughout the ages have found the island so fascinating. All sorts of influences from near and far come together to create the unique culture of Paxos, some of the tangible evidence of these influences from the ancient times is now to be found in the Paxos Museum.

The Museum, on the harbour side in Gaios, is housed in what was the Junior School, a state protected early 20th century building (1906).

Outside are parts of old olive presses and containers for measuring oil, as well as heavy stone exhibits such as a limestone sink, millstones and smaller artifacts for every day use.

Inside in the first room there are fossils, stone-age flint tools, pottery from the classical period, as well as guns and tools from the Venetian and other periods.

The kitchen in the other room, illustrates the grand life style of years gone by, with oil lamps, pottery table ware, scales hanging from the ceiling with weights from both the Ottoman and British Empires. Copper saucepans hangs on the walls, while the table is ready laid waiting for the mistress to serve the food.

The main room contains a 17th century bed with anapapsolia (wooden rings) hanging for the lady to rest her feet. Next to it is the babys cot and various items from the ladys dressing table. Also in the main room a splendid collection of clothing and underwear.

In the hall there is the most important book on Paxos written by Ludvic Salvator, archduke of Austria, in 1887. There are also many other very interesting exhibits to see.

The Museum opened first in 1996 and is open every day from May to October (1930 to 2030 hours). It has had very generous support from the people of Paxos, who have presented many of the items, while others are on loan. For information Tel. 00 30 26620 32556 / 00 30 26620 32247. Fax 00 30 26620 32324 . E-mail

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